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The safety of your digital assets is guaranteed

Secure wallets, comfortable and intuitive navigation interface.
Beneficial cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawals to various payment systems.

Accounting precision

World Iron Box provides settlement and cash services similar to the functions of any reputable bank. The only difference is the cryptocurrency settlement.

Beneficial fees

Good rates, low fees, quick transactions. Comfortable crypto and fiat withdrawals to various payment systems

Market Know-How

Get frequent updates on the market with our trading finance specialists in out blog. Sharpen you existing understanding or get more educatiated about crypto markets.

Profitable investments

Invest in new and prosperous industry of cryptocurrency. Become a pioneer and make first steps towards digital development while there is still a reoom to grow

Worldwide application

Use cryptocurrency worldwide. Such corporations like Expedia, Microsoft, Tesla, Virgin Galactic, Zynga Skycraft Avionics use cryptocurrency for payment settlements. Deposit and withdraw you digital assets via board network of cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide.

Quick settlements

Quick account set up, deposits, withdrawals and settlements.

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Safe wallets convenient and clear navigation. Favorable withdrawal of cryptocurrency or fiat money to popular payment systems with which it is convenient to work.

For long-term storage, it is better to use your local wallets, for each monetary unit your wallet.


You do not need to provide you personal data for verification. We guarantee the anonymity of your account.


Invest in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - a crypto-currency project campaign that helps to attract funds for research and development. ICO start-ups want to attract investments and give each investor a share of company tokens in return.


Join us and use cryptocurrencies for business.






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Wou will be able to find technical analusus information in our blog and CT (crypto twitter) so you would not FOMO (fear or missing out). We will also post articles about "How to get started?" if you are absolutely new to crypto industry.

Our brief highlight on company updates and news can be found in instagram.

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If you have an enquiry you can check our FAQs to find the answer for you question. In case if you still have any questions you can write us on our website in "contact us" section.

We are very open to you feedback and any commercial proposals.